Tips To Maintain Asphalt Pavement

Tips To Maintain Asphalt Pavement

Tips To Maintain Asphalt PavementSo, are you gardening and landscaping? Well, this means you are laying down mulch. And, using mulch that is colored leave stains on the parking lot or your driveway. Besides this, there are probable causes for stains on the asphalt. Like, the stains from grease and oil. However, you need to keep your driveway as fresh and clean as possible. Here are some ways to maintain your asphalt driveway.

Removing Mulch Stains

The cleaning process for mulch stains is easier compared to oil stains. Just follow the following steps.

  • Wash the driveway with water first and do not use any power wash on the stain because the high pressure might make the stain seep deeper in the pavement.
  • Use soap and vinegar to that surface and scrub it with a brush in circular motions.
  • Now, rinse away the soap and use pressure rinse to dye away.

Remove Oil Stains

There different options while dealing with an oil stain on the asphalt driveway.

  • If you are dealing with a stain that still has too much oil on the surface, then try to blot up that oil as properly as possible. It can be done by sprinkling the kitty litter over the stained surface and then allowing it to soak in the kitty litter. Once, it gets soaked up, it can be swept and thrown away.
  • Another way to remove the oil stain is by using Tri-Sodium Phosphate. Make a paste of water and TSP to the desired thickness. Then scrub the paste with a long brush on the stained surface. Allow it to sit for a while (approximately 30 minutes). After this, you can simply rinse off with water.

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