Snow Removal Services in Calgary

Snow Removal Calgary

Calgary sees around five months of snow. We, at Quality Paving Stone, are there to help you with any kind of problems that you might be facing regarding your driveway, backyard, walkways, interlocking pavements and patios in Calgary. You want to remove snow from the drive way, your gardens, or the roof Quality Paving Stone is there to offer a helping hand.

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Why choose Us?

Calgary is home to various companies that deal with Snow Removal. However, we offer our services to the residents of Calgary around 15 times in a year. Also, all the services we provide happen according to the laws of Calgary. Quality Paving Stone has years of experience and has earned a reputation by delivering high-quality services to the clients.

Types of Snow Removal Equipment

Your driveway requires to be cleared of any snow covering it. This requires the use of some snow removal equipment which can include any one of the following:

  • Snow Blower: Removes snow from the driveway creating an 18-inch wide path that is 8-inch deep.
  • Leaf Blower: Meant for removing light snow from the driveway
  • ATV Snow Plow Kits: Clears the snow while riding an all-terrain vehicle. The plough size can range from 50 to 72 inch.
  • Avalanche Roof Snow Removal:Used for clearing the snow from the roof tops. Weighing at 10-pounds, it comes with a 12-foot long pole that helps in clearing the snow from your roof.
  • Seed Spreader (filled with Salt): It might sound a bit odd here but a seed spreader filled with salt will quickly melt away the ice it passes over.
  • GreenWorks Pro 80V Snow Thrower: Clears 10-inches of ice in a single go and throw the ice away to a distance of 20 feet. It is foldable, and battery operated.
  • Black + Decker Max Snow Thrower: This is a 2 x 40v Snow Thrower. Suitable for short snow blowing jobs.

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