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Asbestos Removal Services in Calgary



Homes built in Calgary before 1980 made use of asbestos, commonly referred to as the magic material. We, at Quality Paving Stone, help the residents of Calgary get rid of this dangerous substance. Although, when this material is embedded in others, it poses no danger at all but when released into the air, can cause disease.

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing Quality Paving Stone for Asbestos Removal

Can you remove asbestos yourself? Yes, but it’s not recommended. In most cases, removal of asbestos is more dangerous than leaving it alone, and putting your family at risk for cancer and other health problems is not worth it. Asbestos removal, encapsulating, or enclosing requires special handling and should be done by an asbestos removal specialist with the proper training and licensing to do it, like QUALITY PAVING STONE.

Though there are many companies offering such services, Quality Paving Stone happens to be the best among all as we are a certified company. Our main focus is on building value through creative solutions for our customers. We, at Quality Paving Stone, are paramount in delivering 100 percent customer satisfaction. As such our clients located in Calgary do not have to seek these services elsewhere.

Asbestos in the House

Testing and Removal

Originally known as the “magic mineral,” asbestos was used mainly as wall and roof insulation, and was also used to strengthen plastics and cement. This substance can be present in Paints, compounds used in ceilings, in roof tiles, and Backing with incandescent light fixtures. A house built before 1990 must be tested for asbestos by hiring a company, such as Quality Paving Stone, that is certified to perform these tests. In case you come to know of the presence of this material in your house, do not start removing it all on your own. This is a dangerous material that can lead to disease such as cancer. It becomes absolutely necessary to remove the material from your house. It is always in the interests of a client to hire a certified staff who can go ahead and remove this dangerous substance with all the precautions. We employ qualified tradesmen trained in spray applications. We also employ Alberta OH&S certified workers for the safe removal of Asbestos, PCBs, Lead and Mould.

Methods Used in Asbestos Removal

The approaches that lead to the removal of asbestos from your house or office include:

  • Testing
  • Encapsulation
  • Removal
  • Monitoring

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